As you probably seen, 2 weeks ago we’ve announced our brand ambassador. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo himself! After the news broke we’ve had a lot of feedback. Most of it was positive, but there were obviously people that thought otherwise. In that sense, we decided to write this post to clarify a few issues around this topic. Here is what you will be reading about:

  • What is a Brand Ambassador?
  • What can they do for you?
  • Do brands & businesses need them?
  • Why do some people disagree with such strategy?

And probably the most interesting, why did we do it. Please don’t ask us how, the important thing is that with Mobitto you will be able to get one for your business as well.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

According to Wikipedia, “a brand ambassador is a marketing term for a person employed by a company to promote its products or services within the activity known as branding. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate image in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics”. For Mobitto however, the definition is a bit different. Here’s how we see it:

“A brand ambassador or advocate is someone  who is engaged into active promotion of a brand or a product without being paid to do so. They do it because of their positive experience with the brand. These are usually loyal customers that actually bring value / revenue (directly or indirectly) to the businesses they like.”

What can they do for you?

The best way to show this is by giving concrete examples of what ambassadors usually do for your business:

  • Go to your venue more often that the average customer
  • Spend more money because they like the experience / product / service
  • Talk to their friends, promote or recommend  your business for you
  • Actually bring their friends to experience your brand in first hand
  • Provide free feedback or suggestions for improvement
  • Tolerate some problems that you might encounter sporadically
  • Defend you when your brand is being “attacked” by some trolls
  • Spread the word across social networks just because they love you!

The list could go on but these are pretty common examples of what you might get.

Do brands & businesses need them?

Of course. Why would a brand ignore such an asset? In fact, it is proven that word-of-mouth is the most cost effective way of advertising and marketing your business. And again, brand ambassadors are the ones that do it on a daily basis. It is however important to understand that sometimes, brand ambassadors can also be sponsored. In fact, when we are talking about celebrities the game might change a little bit. In this case, it is important that there is a clear alignment with the celebrity personality and values, otherwise people might get the wrong impression and the final result could be counterproductive.

Why do some people disagree with such strategy?

This usually happens when we are talking about celebrities (as explained above). In other cases, it might be simply because there is no real strategy behind  such relationship. What do you think would happen if someone with bad reputation starts to promote your business? You would probably start getting customers that do not match your target audience. In a first analysis, it would not harm your business as it would drive (at least temporarily) more sales & engagement (these are the good things), but in the long run it could create conflits with existing loyal customers. That is why brand ambassadors should be wisely chosen (when sponsored) and highly crafted when attracted organically.

And here is the interesting part…

By applying a set of gamification and social techniques, we have come up with a solution that allows brands and businesses like you, to interact, engage and reward your most loyal users all at once, on a daily basis. In short, within our mobile lifestyle app, we automate the process of turning every user into a possible brand ambassador simply by providing the right incentives to buy, share and recommend the things they like the most.

Having that said, don’t you think it’s time to get you a brand ambassador?